Antonius J. van Rooij, PhD, or ‘Tony’ for friends, family, and random strangers on the internet, is currently employed as the project lead for Gaming, Gambling, & Media Literacy at Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands. Here, he focuses on projects and research that promotes the responsible and healthy use of media, video games, and gambling games. He successfully defended his PhD thesis on video game addiction in 2011; the thesis received widespread media attention.

His research subjects cover responsible media use, including the study of online gambling and gaming. Additionally, he also focuses on the use of video games for health. The behavioral persistence that video games elicit can have detrimental consequences, but can also be used to achieve health benefits.

His work has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed journal articlespublic reportsbook sections, and books. He regularly speaks about his work in educational and health-care settings.

Tony is a firm believer in the principle of trading your personal data for the services of large multinational organizations. Therefore, an overview of his recent publications can be found the Research Gate network, a brief resume through LinkedIn, and a list of personal and professional updates at Twitter.

The best option to make contact with Tony at this point in media development is e-mail:

tony AT ajvanrooij D0T com

Areas of focus and research interest

  • Persistence & motivation in games
  • Games for Health
  • Exergaming
  • Responsible use of digital media
  • Excessive game use
  • Parenting and prevention

Connecting digital innovation with human psychology